The Joint Forces Veterans Alliance (JFVA) is a federal 501(c)(19) “War Veteran” charitable nonprofit organization, and it is not part of, endorsed, or funded by the Department of Defense or any other agency or civilian organization.

JFVA received its nonprofit 501(c) designation from the IRS as a charitable corporation in March 2019 and maintains its good standing, both at a federal and state level. 

Our nonprofit organization always maintains a high level of ethics and integrity, and is financially accountable and transparent. We strive to maintain excellent financial accountability and aim to exceed nonprofit standards. JFVA meets and exceeds IRS qualifications as well as the specific criteria under IRC 170(c)(3).

For a list of our financials, please view the documents below.

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For a list of JFVA business credentials and regulatory compliance certificates, please view the documents below.

Federal Certification: JFVA received its IRC Section 501 (c)(19) designation from the IRS as a Veteran charitable nonprofit (Exempt Organization) in March 2019 and it maintains its good standing, both at the federal and state levels. 

  • Federal Tax Identification Number:
    • 82-5432218
  • IRS Tax Exempt Search:
    • Click Here and search by Organization Name Joint Forces Veterans” in the search field.
  • IRS Determination Letter:

State Certification: JFVA is registered as a charitable nonprofit organization in the state of Colorado.

  • Colorado Organization Search:
    • Click Here and enter Joint Forces Veterans” in the search field.
  • Certificate of Registration:
  • Certificate of Fact of Good Standing:

JFVA Bylaws: Approved 2 July 2018; Revised 5 May 2019 –    

JFVA Articles of Incorporation: Approved 20 April 2018 –   

For more information, you may reach out to us using our Contact Us form, or email Info@JointForcesAlliance.orgRegistration