Joint Forces Veterans Alliance (JFVA) is a 501 (c)(19) Veteran Nonprofit founded in late 2017 by Veterans for Veterans. Our nation’s Veterans experience, firsthand, the effects of military life and combat it has on them and their families. JFVA has committed primarily to provide opportunities to improve our Veteran’s health and well-being through recreational and educational activities. In addition, the organization provides resources and information from assistance with the VA disability compensation process, to a general support network, all the way to suicide prevention. JFVA remains committed as the organization expands both the programs offered as well as assistance to those Veterans, their family members, and the families of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Many Veterans have service-connected disabilities and most struggle in their daily life from these incapacities. “Veterans Go Further” encapsulates the motivation behind JFVA to provide the assistance needed to lead a healthy and prosperous life. By operating Alternative Therapeutic Support Programs (ATSPs) Veterans are able to step away from their adversities to receive, on many levels, a very enriching therapeutic experience. One of the many ways JFVA achieves this is by reinforcing that tight-knit camaraderie that military members experience while they serve. It was often the camaraderie and that special military bond that got them through the toughest of times.
Now as civilians, JFVA can help Veterans fill these gaps that they seek by providing life changing opportunities.

The JFVA organization leadership remains in the faithful hands of combat veterans, as well as military family members. Collectively, our board of directors, staff, and volunteers, both Veteran and non-Veteran, work hard to serve those who have sacrificed so much. The integrity and duty of “The Alliance” is vital to our success; therefore, our team remains as honorable and noble as our mission, as well as the Heroes we serve. We encourage you to join our mission and help support our great journey by becoming a partner, sponsor or volunteer.
Thank you, and God Bless!

"We know something about missions..."

The Joint Forces Veterans Alliance (JFVA) was established to assist our disabled and non-disabled veterans. Our mission is to promote fellowship amongst United States Veterans of all military branches by serving those Veterans, their families, and their communities. JFVA fosters camaraderie through recreational and educational activities for all veterans. The purposes of the Alliance are patriotic, health and wellness, charitable, educational and entertainment; to preserve and strengthen the comradeship among its members; to assist both war and non-wartime veterans; to maintain the memory and history of our fallen heroes, and to assist their surviving spouses and children.


The JFVA vision is to ensure that all veterans are provided the opportunity to lead high-quality lives through health and wellness, recreational activities, and providing an organization by which they can express their compassion for their fellow veterans through a variety of Alternative Therapeutic Support Programs.




Joe Searcy, a disabled Army Veteran, found the sport of ice hockey to be extremely mentally and physically therapeutic. Wanting to share this experience and help other Veterans, he came up with the idea to start an all Veteran (disabled and able-bodied) ice hockey team.


- JUNE 2017

Teaming up with good friend Mike Zimmerman, a disabled Air Force Veteran, Joe and Mike built the concept and recruited fellow disabled and able-bodied Veterans for the JFH (Joint Forces Hockey ) roster. The new ice hockey team launched it's inaugural season winter of 2017.  


- APRIL 2018

Joe and close Veteran friends of JFH; Doug Veatch, Jamie Gaudet, and Steve Browne, collaborated together to expand Joint Forces creating a JFVA Board of Directors and establishing a nonprofit company in the state of Colorado. Their vision: to build a Veteran nonprofit charitable organization to help support Veteran recreational programs, like JFH, and accommodate Veterans and their familes.


- MARCH 2019

March 29th, 2019 JFVA is recognized by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) as a 501(c)(19) Veteran charitable nonprofit organization. The Alliance officially becomes tax-exempt and can accept donations, which are tax deductible as charitable donations for all donors. The sky is the limit as JFVA grows to support Veterans and their familes in many capacities.